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Breast Reduction for Men in Dubai

Male breast reduction surgery specially designed to remove the excessive fat and breast tissue to create a flat level and tightened manly chest. Gynecomastia (male breast development) influences a great percentage of men. Despite there being no known reason for male breast development, Gynecomastia has been related with various medications and medical conditions.

Male breast reduction surgical procedure is performed to evacuate fat and glandular breast tissue, and in some cases, excess skin is also removed. Breast reduction is most usually performed alone or with a combination of liposuction and direct surgical extraction (incision placed around the lower areola) depending upon the severity of the breast condition.

Male Breast Reduction is performed under general sedative and takes around 1 to 2 hours. Your breast reduction surgical procedure will be exclusively custom-tailored to your specific needs and individual outcomes and recovery may vary. Discover more about how this surgery can benefit you and what results you can expect from the procedure by visiting Professor Dr. Ashok Govila.

Your surgery will take place at Medeor Hospital located in Consulates Area, Bur Dubai Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Dubai.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery With Processor Dr. Ashok Govila

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With extensive specialized training and vast experience in microsurgery and breast reduction surgery, Dr. Ashok Govila can rejuvenate your comfort by modifying your breasts to make them a better- proportioned size and appearance. Your chest will be toned and feel tightened than before and you will be able to accomplish a nice, firm, flat and more masculine chest.

Modern society- and Gynecomastia (sometimes referred to as “man boobs”)

There are excessively high incidences of Gynaecomastia in individuals consume more of junk food than balanced diet. About 50% of men today have excessive fat or excess glandular tissues in one or both the breasts. Gynaecomastia represents in excess of 65 percent of all male breast tissue, as indicated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The condition is moderately normal in pre-adult young boys, and 90% of the symptoms disappear very quickly, or, as adolescence fades, a few years later. However, the remaining 10% are troubled with a social handicap that causes embarrassment and complex shame and puts one’s relationship with one’s body at risk.

Pubertal Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is generally secondary to the normal hormonal imbalances that usually happen in young boys during pubescence and it influences up to 40% of immature boys by the age of 14. Boys experiencing Gynecomastia form breast tissue that is typically less than 4 centimeters in diameter. That breast tissue generally vanishes, without treatment, within two years in most case, while in fewer cases it could take as long as three years. In spite of the fact that Gynaecomastia is normal, if the child experiences the disorder, he should be examined by a specialist. So, it’s significant for you and the specialist to ensure the teenager this is a usual occurrence.

Gynaecomastia after puberty

Men who have experienced gynaecomastia later in life from steroid abuse body building, utilization of Tribulus terrestris (nerbal android – testosterone antecedent) or some other reason may have practically no mental distress. However, for some in such situation, can keep them feeling out of control from their body or castrated in some matter. Ideally, corrective surgery will fix these sentiments, for some it won’t and treatment will expected to resolve this distress.

Gynaecomastia is the commonest benign complex breast condition found in men. It is well perceived that specific medications that adjust the normal sex hormonal profile in the body can induce gynaecomastia. Recently, the expanding utilization of androgenic-anabolic steroids among youngsters particularly body builders has expanded the incidence of gynaecomastia. We report an instance of a young weight-trainer who created gynaecomastia because of oral inake of a herbal medication which he utilized as a steroid alternative for lifting weights. 

Causes of Enlarged Breasts in Men

In most cases, the reason is unexplained. Some of the time it is an imbalance of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. But heredity conditions, illnesses including certain endocrine issue, tumors, and chronic disease or certain medications, for example, antidepressants, blood-pressure medicines, marijuana or weed, and steroids may likewise cause the condition.

Some men or boys have excessive fat on their chests that makes it look just as they have breasts This isn’t gynaecomastia, however is called pseudo gynaecomastia and may disappear with proper diet and regular exercise practice.  Some men or young boys will require treatment for this, as these fat pockets can be resistant with the impacts of diet and exercise. As compared, real gynaecomastia won’t typically improve with diet and exercise.

Excessive intake of chicken in diet particularly farm breed of chickens which are fad with  estrogens to expand the productivity can result into expanded levels of estrogen in man which can cause gynaecomastia. This is one of the speculations where junk food is much being used.

While this is definitely not a genuine medical issue, enlarged breasts can cause pain. They can likewise cause humiliation – particularly among young boys who might be teased because of their male breasts. It is particularly common in teen boys. Up to 65 percent of 14-year-old young boys have augmented breasts, as indicated by the American Academy of Family Physicians. This is to a great extent because of the fluctuations in sex hormones that occur during adolescence. The excessive breast tissue disappears without treatment within two years in approx. 75% of these young boys and within three years in 90% of them.

In older men, gynaecomastia frequently comes about decreasing level of the male sex hormone testosterone, which occurs with maturing age. What’s more, men experience an expansion in muscle fat with age and a resultant rise in the proportion of estrogen to the male sex hormones (androgens)

Treatment of Enlarged Breasts in Men

In cases of obesity, weight reduction can lessen the gynecomastic condition, yet for some, it won’t kill it rather the breast will hang which is called as Ptosis in medicinal terms. For every other reason, surgical procedure is the only known answer. Surgery by plastic specialists is performed with insignificant size of the scar at the intersection of areola to the ordinary skin of the breast and if treated well postoperatively then following one year the appearance of scar is as good as they hardly observed, almost  95%  ordinary appearance. For huge gynaecomastia in an obese patient it’s right around a breast reduction like what is done for female breast and this leave a T shaped scar. One must deal with one’s body, acknowledge it, and heal the scars from within.

Will there be any scarring?

If the surgeon evacuates glandular tissue, he/she will make a little periareolar incision, a half-hover cut around the lower half of the areola. In most cases, the specialist will also perform liposuction to shape the chest into the best form/shape possible. Whichever technique your specialist uses, there will be scarring a while later. However, within 6 months, most scars fade away to where you can’t even recognize them from your normal skin.

I have large pendulous breasts. How do you remove them and how much scarring will there be?

This is completely different. The skin has an incredible ability to contract, particularly if a patient is young. Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila has his own techniques to address sagging breasts after weight loss .In this procedure just peri-areolar incision is given and no extra scar like a huge Inverted T scar utilized by several plastic surgeons is avoided.

The objective of this surgery is to make my patient feel great and comfortable while shirtless or at the very least feel comfortable in a light shirt. If a patient has recognizable scars after surgical procedure, at that point he will not feel great without a shirt on

I am 30 pounds overweight. How will this impact my surgery?

Gynaecomastia doesn’t respond to either weight loss or gain. The breast is made of breast organs and fatty tissue. The adjustment in body weight can influence the fat substance of the chest. The breast gland will increase in size because of hormones or other medications, similar to steroids.

How much pain will I be in post-surgery and for how long?

A long-acting local anesthesia will last at the surgical site for around 24 hours. At the point when this wears off, you may start to experience moderate distress for about an additional 24 hours. From that point onward, most patients just experience minimal discomfort and most never feel any kind of severe pain, just soreness in that area. We generally recommend pain medication for you to have available should you need it for about 3 days after returning home. 

How to Prepare for Male Breast Reduction Surgery:

It is completely important to stop smoking initially for about 2 weeks before and proceeding until about a month after your surgical procedure. Try not to take any headache medicine like aspirin containing items, such as, Advil/ibuprofen or any other medications that encourage excessive bleeding. Herbal remedies such as, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo biloba, Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil and excessive measures of Vitamin E can cause extreme bleeding. Main concern is it is ideal to maintain a strategic distance from all drugs/nutrients/enhancements, for about 2 weeks before and one month after the surgery. In my practice, we supply the patient with a comprehensive booklet of pre-operative guidelines before the surgical procedure, clearly explaining these recommendations.

When can I return to work?

Usually patients are able to return to work 5 to 7 days after surgery, depending on what type of work they do. If they work in an office environment that does not require much physical activity then it is easy to return shortly after the procedure. If you do physical labor then it is recommended to wait at least 10 to 14 days or whenever you feel you are ready. Listen to your body! It will tell you when it is ready to return to your normal activities.

What is the cost of Male breast reduction?

The surgeon you decide to work with is the #1 determining factor on the results you’re going to achieve.

Plastic Surgeons price their procedures according to the quality care and surgical skills they bring to their patients. Seeking out a surgeon based on price often leads to undesirable results, and the problems that come along with it are often complex (and costly) to fix. Ask anyone who has undergone revision surgery, it’s a lot less expensive to get it done right, the first time.

To get an approximate cost of your Male Breast Reduction surgery in Dubai, call us or send a WhatsApp message to +971-52-946-4545.

An exact quote will be provided after your in-clinic consultation with Professor Dr. Ashok Govila. The exact cost of your surgery will be determined by your unique surgical requirements.