Project Description

Intimate Female Surgery (Cosmetic Gynecology/Intimate surgical rejuvenation)

The main reason one needs Cosmetic Gynecology or surgery of revamping your look and making you youthful again is a result of repeated labor or with age women may experience looseness in the reproduction organs particularly in penetration cavity. The flower of this area (Inner lips) which is called labia minora by specialists can turn out to be excessively large, hypertrophied, fabricated and distort the whole region. It also can meddle in the functionality of this area. Tightening in the cavity for penetrations truly like a miraculous procedure allowing life another opportunity for both the partners.

Now a 60 years woman can even returned to the age of 16 years in its looks in this region and the functionality. It’s currently possible for a plastic surgeon to give a lady her additional opportunity to live life to its fullest, who previously had her first chance of relationships, beaus and children and a great time, by a method called vaginoplasty. After this medical procedure, most women believe this to be their best choice ever. Such joy after medical procedure was before observed by a plastic specialist after breast implants. Now, this is the medical procedure of choice for women to reactivate her sexual life. One Surgery offers bliss to two individuals, as a little something extra (woman and their partners). The healing time for Intimate Female Surgery is about 7 days and restraining intimacy from a man for about a month.

The Intimate Female Surgery procedure that can be performed as per any individual needs and budget are:

  • Clitoroplasty
  • Clitoral hood reduction
  • Labiaplasty
  • Restoring the destroyed Labia Minora
  • Vaginal tightening.
  • Filling up of collapsed and empty  Labia Majora

The cost of Female Intimate surgery ranges between 4000 USD to 12000 USD on the basis of the severity of the problem and the list of techniques to be performed.

Male Intimate Rejuvenation

Weight loss, weight gain, ageing , excessive beer or scotch on regular basis as well as consistent obesity van lead to smaller penis than younger age or one could be little, in the first place as heredity. Penis growth is shown in both the circumstances and can be surgically performed viably utilizing basic techniques like fat transfer, evacuation of excessive fat-causing burred penis, and by discharging the penis from its deeper connections deep down. The cost for this surgical procedure ranges somewhere in between 5000 USD to 10000 USD. The healing time for this procedure can take upto 7 days and intimacy with women should be controlled for about a month.