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Ear Surgery in Dubai

Ear surgery in Dubai, also called otoplasty, incorporates remodeling, resizing, or reshaping the ear ligament. Additionally involves the amendment of large piercings, closing extended ears as well as used to mend the torn earlobes.

This methodology can improve the shape, proportion or position of the ear and is found in common among the children beyond 5 years old as well as adults. Ear spinning includes surgically moving the ears nearer to the head. It will bring a normal shape and furthermore balance and extent to the face. Driven by widely acclaimed plastic specialist Dr. Ashok Govila, your experience of Ear Surgery in Dubai is gonna be perfect and it will suit all your requirements and desires.

Your Ear Surgery in Dubai With Professor Dr. Ashok Govila

Get the Results You Desire with Dr. Ashok Govila, a Top Rated, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in UAE and England.

With over 35 years of experience Dr. Ashok Govila have conducted more than fifty thousand successful surgical procedures making him the Most Experienced Plastic Surgeon in UAE and one of The Leading Plastic Surgeons in the World, and based on his strong reviews in Realself Dr. Ashok Goivla was Awarded with Core Aesthetic doctors & Top Contributor. Fewer than 10% of medical professionals earn this status, Dr. Ashok is one of the busiest and most sought-after surgeons in Dubai.

Dr. Ashok Govila is an active member of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which includes Worldwide Leaders in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and the Highest Standards of Patient Safety.

With extensive professional training and vast experience in otoplasty and microsurgery, Dr. Ashok Govila can fix and completely change your ears and bring back in normal shape with aesthetic results that you wish for. Kindly note that your Ear Surgery in Dubai with Dr. Ashok Govila will be exceptionally custom-tailored as per your specific needs and results may differ from one individual to another.

Prominent Ears/Protruding Ears

The external ear also known as Pinna that stick out more than ordinary from the side of the head are viewed as protruding or prominent Ears. By one definition over 2 cm is not considered as normal. All such shades of symptoms can indicate to go for a Plastic surgeon.

It’s an inherent deformity of the ears which can be best amended within 8 years of age since at this age the ears are completely evolved in their size and it supports the children to perform well at school.

In some cases, protruding ears are caused by an immature anti-helical fold. When that anti-helical fold doesn’t shape accurately, it changes the entire edge of projection from the sides of scalp and it makes the helix (the external edge of the ear) stick out.

The vast majority with prominent ears likewise have a bigger and profound concha, which pushes the whole ear away from the side of the head. Although prominent ears don’t cause any functional issues, for example, hearing loss, kids are regularly prodded by their peers and may make personality complexities and meddle with the child’s performance during school or sports time.

Surgical Treatment for Prominent Ears/Protruding Ears

The treatment for this problem is surgical procedure however some Ear surgery centers may have facilities for reshaping the ears and this procedure can be done only at the very early age of the children.

Otoplasty surgery

Studs that were accidently torn from your ear can cause diseases and the heavy weight earrings can also cause sagging, cuts or even tears. Aging additionally negatively affects ear cartilage; the skin here and there loosens up of shape.

Whether heavy weight earrings have harmed your ear cartilage or they simply don’t look as good as they were when you were young, Dr. Ashok Govila- the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai can reshape your ear cartilage while giving a more youthful look to your ears. You can re-pierce your ear in a similar area following a half year, or 3 months in case you choose to pierce elsewhere.

Repair of Torn Earlobe Piercings

The Ear surgery is sometimes called as the ear pinning, or setback otoplasty in Dubai. It might be recommended to wait until about age 8, when ears are completely developed. This is likewise the age when youngsters usually start to be prodded by their peers, which gives extra impetus to them to experience surgical procedure. Some conscious kids at that point develop their hair longer to hide the protruding ears.

As your youngster develops, he/she may also have an increased choice and desire for surgery and may participate in the conversation and decision about her treatment alternatives.

The procedure to address protruding ears is normally performed under general sedative through an incision behind the ears. An attempt is made to create another anti-helical fold and if possible reduce the size of Concha by expelling a portion of its ligament structure.

A blend of ear ligament scoring and suturing is utilized to create an anti-helical of fold. Additional sutures behind the rear of the conchal ligament bring the whole ear closer to the side of the head. A postoperative compression dressing is utilized to help keep the ears in their new places that is best kept at least a week. Although a general aesthetic is required, the procedure is done on an outpatient premise and your child will be able to get back the same day.

After ear surgery, we screen him for diseases and wound healing and send you home with certain anti-microbials and pain killers for a short term. As a special circumstance, we use absorbable sutures so that there is no pain while suture removal.

This surgery is best performed during school holidays since outside sports activities may cause the dressing get free and slip which can turn into a reason for wound diseases if the domestic cleanliness is compromised.

Occasionally, some kids may require another surgical procedure to re-correct the issue as frequently the ears’ tendency is to come back to their past position. Insurance agencies may not take care of the expense of this procedure considering otoplasty to be a cosmetic operation.

What to Expect Before + After Your Ear Surgery in Dubai

During your consultation, Dr. Ashok Govila will invest as much time as you need to discuss your ear surgery and will solve all of your queries. Your Ear Surgery will be custom tailored to your rare needs; however, the results may vary from one individual to another.

Results and Benefits

You can get rid of numerous psychological and mental issues by taking Otoplasty. Some of the most common outcomes and advantages include:

  • The aesthetic looks will improve.
  • The patient gets normal-looking outcomes.
  • The procedure is short and very effective.
  • A wide range of small blemishes can be corrected at all.

How Long Is The Wait For Surgery? (Same as previous content)

If you have a preferred surgery date, do not wait until it’s too late! Dr. Ashok Govila is one of the busiest and most sought after plastic surgeons across UAE, he runs a very active cosmetic practice. Patients typically book well in advance for consultations and surgery dates.

If you have an ideal surgery date in mind, we suggest you call or send a WhatsApp message to +971-52-946-4545 or email to reserve your consultation today.

Out Of Country Patients

Dr. Ashok Govila’s active cosmetic surgery practice is growing with out of country patients who travel from all around the world for for cosmetic ear surgery in Dubai. If you are an out of country patient, let us know so we can accommodate an appropriate time for your consultation and surgery date.

Most patients like to book well in advance, don’t miss out on your preferred surgery date, call us or send a WhatsApp message to +971-52-946-4545 to reserve your consultation with Dr. Ashok Govila today.