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Breast Reduction in Dubai

Breast Reduction in Dubai is a very popular surgery performed to decrease the weight and volume of your breasts, offering them that youthful shape and size again.

Now, with Breast Reduction surgery, it’s possible to give whatever shape you desire after discussing with your preferred plastic surgeon and furthermore to make it firm and tight if the breast are sagging in addition to expansion ( hypertrophy of breast).

Reduction surgery requires atleast 2 nights stay at the hospital. Patient can get back to their work in 10 days after surgery. Breast reduction surgical procedure can give you the perfect solution to the discomfort caused due to excessively large sized breasts, the consistent back and neck sprain, gouges in your shoulders due to bra straps and various other activities that rank among the day to day complaints women with large sized breasts. Breast reduction procedure (decrease mammoplasty) may help women get sigh of relief from all these discomforts. As innovation progresses and surgical procedures improve, more women are looking for consultations from plastic surgeons to discuss choices for reducing their breast sizes to a make them healthier and comfortable. In case you’re looking for best breast reduction surgery in Dubai, discover more about how this surgical procedure can benefit you and what can you expect from the surgery by visiting Dr. Ashok Govila

Surgical procedure is performed under local anesthetic and patient need to stay at hospital for 2 nights. Suction tubes that are lift during surgery are expelled after 48 hours and one needs to take antibiotics for a week after the release. A package deal that incorporates all costs between admissions to discharge from the hospital ranges between 7000 USD – 11000 USD relying on the severity of the problem. All patients are highly recommended to treat the scar utilizing medicated compression clothing (surgical Bra) as advised by Prof. Ashok for about 6 months after surgery to accomplish most desirable results.

Your surgery will take place at Medeor Hospital located in Consulates Area, Bur Dubai Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Dubai.

Breast Reduction in Dubai With Dr. Ashok Govila

Get the Results You Desire with Dr. Ashok Govila, a Top Rated, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in UAE and England.

With over 35 years of experience Dr. Ashok Govila have conducted more than fifty thousand successful surgical procedures making him the Most Experienced Plastic Surgeon in UAE and one of The Leading Plastic Surgeons in the World, and based on his strong reviews in Realself Dr. Ashok Goivla was Awarded with Core Aesthetic doctors & Top Contributor. Fewer than 10% of medical professionals earn this status, Dr. Ashok is one of the busiest and most sought-after breast surgeons in Dubai.

Dr. Ashok Govila is an active member of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which includes Worldwide Leaders in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and the Highest Standards of Patient Safety.

With extensive specialized training and experience in microsurgery, breast reduction, and cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. Ashok can restore your comfort by adjusting your breasts to a better-proportioned size and appearance. 

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Right For Me?

Breast reduction surgical procedure is for women who have large sized breasts and want solutions for one or more of the following related problems:

  • Neck, Shoulder and Chronic back pain
  • Bad posture
  • Skin rashes under the breasts
  • Deep grooves on the shoulders due to bra strap pressure
  • Restricted levels of activities
  • Low confidence
  • Difficulty wearing or fitting into specific bras and apparel

Women can go for breast reduction surgery at any age, but it’s generally recommended to wait until you enter adulthood or at atleast an age of 20, so that by the time your breasts are fully developed. However, sometimes surgery is also performed for teens who suffer discomfort, emotional and psychological problems because of having too-large sized breasts.

Benefits of Breast Reduction surgery?

Benefits of Breast Reduction surgery involves relief from pain in your upper back, shoulders, neck; reduced pressure on shoulders from bra straps; expanded ability to do exercises and take part in physical exercises; and a positive boost in self-confidence. The surgical procedure may also assist you with breathing and help you have a sound sleep. Most women who have breast reduction surgery in Dubai are extremely happy with the outcomes. 

How to go about getting Breast Lift and Breast Reduction in Dubai

In this video, Ashok Govila explains in detail all you need to learn about Breast Reduction and Breast Lift Surgery. He discusses various procedures he utilizes in Breast Lift and Breast Reduction. Dr. Ashok Govila additionally talks about who is it for and what you ought to consider while selecting in for Breast Reduction or Breast Lift Surgery.

Teen Breast Reduction in Dubai

Teenager breast reduction is a plastic surgical procedure that is performed so as to reduce the size and weight of the breasts particularly when it’s a reason for embracement to the individual and makes functional issues in life like spinal ache, shoulder pain, and dermatitis under the breast. Teen breast reduction can be performed on young women as early as they enter their sixteen’s. Teen breast reduction is best performed on breasts that have fully developed, as consistent development may interrupt surgical results. Teen breast reduction surgery is performed on patients who experience the medical or emotional issues related to large breasts.

Why a Teen Breast Reduction surgery is required?

Teen breast reduction can be very helpful to patients whose movement is confined by problematic breasts. Some teen girls find it difficult to take part in sports activities due to their large sized breasts or might feel self-conscious when participating in such activities. Teen breasts reduction surgical procedure candidates may likewise endure physical issues related with breast size including: Shoulder, neck, and back ache, spinal pain, Skin rashes, dermatitis under the breast skin, Breathing issues skeletal deformations, Restricted games movement etc.

Are there any Special Concerns for Teens?

Teen breast reduction surgical procedure brings specific concerns because of the age of a patient. Consistent physical development is one of the main concerns that should be catered to on an individual basis to decide if a patient is a good candidate for teen breast reduction surgery or not. Traditional breasts reduction surgery in Dubai procedures include repositioning of the areola. This part of the method brings the risk that a patient will be unable to breast feed later on. A technique that doesn’t meddle with the glandular and ductal system of the breasts ought to be chosen carefully in such teens if in future they are planning to have a child and breast feed the child. 

Know What to Expect?

It is significant for a teen breast surgery candidate and her guardians to have a detailed understanding of what’s in store before, during, and after this surgical procedure. Guardians, surgeons and patients together ought to ensure that a teen is mentally as well as physically agreed for teen breast surgical procedure. All such concerns will be addressed completely in detail during your initial consultation with Dr. Ashok Govila.

Surgical Procedure

Teen breast reduction surgery is an inpatient technique that is performed under local anesthesia. In the traditional method, an anchor-shaped cut is made in the breast fold up the lower segment of the breast and around the areola. Some level of scarring is an unavoidable result of this methodology. When the incision is made, excessive skin & fat and glandular tissue is expelled, the areola is repositioned, and the cuts are closed. Scarless Teen breast reduction surgery is performed through a 1 cm cut in the skin to collect the excessive fat out of the breast and make them smaller in shape and size. The scar-less Teen breast reduction surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure while for different sorts of methods we typically recommend the patient for a night making it an inpatient surgery.

Some patients might be good candidates for this scar less teen breast reduction surgical procedure that includes a significantly less extensive incision. This strategy includes utilizing liposuction to extricate excessive fat from the breasts and leaves the areola intact. This can be a truly desirable technique for teens. Following any teen breast reduction surgery, the patient may experience bruising, discomfort, and some swelling that typically disappear within a few weeks. Teen breast reduction surgery delivers very effective results that frequently leave a patient emotionally and physically overwhelmed.

How to Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery:

To get ready for breast reduction surgical procedure both mentally and physically, consult with Dr. Ashok Govila so you’ll get to know what’s in store before this surgery, the day of the surgery and what are the expected results after this surgical procedure:

  1. Surgical consultation:  You’ll meet with Dr. Ashok Govila to talk about your past medical history and the surgery you are planning to go for. In case, have any queries, ask during consultation, so you understand what the technique will involve and what’s in store from the recuperation time frame. A medical analysis may also be performed at this visit, and preliminary tests may also be asked.
  2. Pre-surgical visit: Dr. Ashok Govila will explain the final surgery details to you and give you the guidelines to follow (fasting – nil through your mouth for 8 hours before your surgical procedure) the night prior to your surgery. If you are taking any medications then you must clearly inform him about that so that in case you need to quit taking any of them right before your surgical procedure.
  3. Day of surgery: You will meet with medical team to go over your previous medical history and the surgical procedure. The anesthesiologist will explain how the anesthesia works and what impact it will have on you. Double-check that the data on your hospital bracelet is correct. Furthermore, if you have prosthetics, wear dentures, or utilize a hearing device, make sure you inform about that to your medical team. Inform them about any medicine allergies if you may have, if you are diabetic or have thyroid issues, or in case you smoke or dealing with hypertension.
  4. Discharge after surgery: You will get complete guidelines on how to take care of yourself, when to have a post-surgery appointment and what prescriptions you may require. You will be provided with drugs to be taken for 3 to 5 days after the surgical procedure by the hospital pharmacy. You will need to have a family member or companion take you home after surgical procedure. Within the initial 24 hours after your surgical procedure, patient’s are not allowed to drive on their own.

Prepare for Surgery: Improving Your Outcome

Follow these steps during days and weeks leading to your surgery to best prepare for it:

  1. Quit Smoking, if you do: It’s ideal to quit smoking at least two weeks before your surgery, but even a couple of days ahead will also help. Inpatient surgical procedure usually requires local anesthesia and if you quit smoking your lungs will adjust effectively with the anesthesia. Quitting smoking will also help to minimize the risk of infection.
  2. Medications: You need to carefully follow all instructions given by your surgeon regarding if and when you have to quit taking any of your regular medicine preceding your surgery. Individuals who take blood thinners, for example, warfarin (sold under Coumadin and other brand names) will probably need to stop before their surgical procedure.
  1. Stay Calm, Stay Relaxed: Try not to over think about your surgery day before your surgical procedure. It’s hard not to be anxious; however, if you are very much refreshed and fit in shape, you will be better ready to withstand the physical stress of surgery. Make sure to have a sound sleep a night before your surgical procedure even if it implies taking a small dosage 5 mg of tablet valium.

After Surgery: Guidelines

You will be supported by Dr. Ashok Govila to get up and move around as soon as possible for you, since being immobilized can be a reason for deep vein thrombosis. Be certain you know when to continue taking drugs that you stopped before your surgery and affirm that they won’t cause a negative impact with any pain killers you may have been recommended. Follow all your surgeon’s guidelines about what you may or may not be able to do whether the advice is about having intercourse, driving, taking a bath, or strolling and walking up and down the stairs.

You should understand that it will take some time before you can get back to your daily routine activities. Keep on maintain your diet and keep your weight and your blood pressure level in check until you can come back to your normal exercise schedule. Keep in mind; the better you get ready for surgical procedure, the better you will recover for it.

After your Breast Reduction surgery

After your surgical procedure, you’ll be wrapped by a surgical bra over cloth dressings. In some patients Professor Dr. Ashok Govila may leave a small tube put in each breast to deplete off blood and liquids for initial day or two. Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila prefers for patients to choose the design and individually fit every one of his patients with their bra before surgical procedure for most of the breast surgeries. However, for breast reduction surgical procedure (mammoplasty), this measurement may not be precise and hence it’s better to wait for about a week when most wounds have mended and another shape of breast has developed. Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila prefers surgical bras after breast surgery for support and the comfort with front opening in order to have the ease of use.

The surgical garments can be changed whenever needed. The front opening bra makes this a lot simpler. This bra support can help with consistent comfort. Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila typically uses dissolvable sutures on the surface, so no suture evacuation is normally required.

You may feel some uneasiness for a few initial days-particularly when you move around or cough and some irritation for a week or more than that. Although Professor Dr. Ashok Govila recommends a solid pain medicine, his patients normally tell him that plain Tylenol/Panadol is all that could possibly be enough to manage their comfort.

Dr. Ashok Govila will need to meet you the day after your discharge from the hospital. In case your breast skin is extremely dry after surgical procedure, you can apply a mild lotion several times each day. However, make sure to keep the suture part dry and avoid the SteriStrips paper tape. You are not allowed to wear any bra that has sharp or hard strap borders.

Returning back to normal

Despite the fact that you might be physically functional in a day or two, your breast may even still ache occasionally for a couple of weeks. You ought to avoid lifting or pushing anything heavy for about three to four weeks.

Professor Dr. Ashok Govila will give you step by step guidelines for continuing your day to day exercises. Most women can come back to their work (if it’s not very strenuous) and social activities the same week of their surgery. Activities including bending over, bouncing or lifting the arms over the head will take longer time to go for. Comfort is nature’s way of informing you what you can, and what you can’t do. Tuning in to your body is the most ideal approach to ensure your healing tissues.

You may be instructed to avoid having intercourse or sex for up to seven days since sexual arousal can bring swelling in your incisions and to avoid from anything besides delicate contact with your breasts for around about six weeks.

A small amount of fluid draining from your surgical wound, or some crusting, is usual and normal. We urge our patients to call us if there are any abnormal side effects, for example, severe pain or bleeding.

Your new look after Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast shape development after surgery based upon the surgical method used. Shorter scar techniques require a redistribution of tissue to accomplish their shape. Although much significant part of the bruising and swelling will disappear within the first few weeks, it may be six months to a year prior to your breasts settle into their new shape. And still, after all that, their shape may fluctuate because of your hormonal movements, weight changes, and even may be due to pregnancy.

After Surgery, Scar Care can help enhance the appearance of your scars at their best. Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila will do everything possible to make your scars as unnoticeable as possible. However, it’s essential to follow up with him for the management of scars since it takes a while of close follow up if one is searching for unnoticeable scars.

He utilizes specially fabricated and structured medicated bras for this purpose. Some of the patients respond in a better way to cured silastic plates over the scars and under their bra. These plates are specially crafted on the body of the patient by Doctor Govila himself. Still, it’s important to keep I mind that breast lift scars are permanent and truly extensive. They often stay uneven and red for quite a long time, and afterward slowly become more subtle, sometimes inevitably fading to thin white lines. Luckily, the scars can normally be placed so that you can wear even low-cut tops.

Among all plastic surgical procedures, breast reduction surgery results bring about the fastest body-image changes. You’ll be freed of the physical inconvenience of large bosoms, your body will look better proportioned, and garments will fit you better.

However, as much as you may have desired these changes, you’ll need time to adjust to your new image-as will your family and friends. Be patient with yourself, and with them. Keep in mind why you had this surgery, and chances are that, like most women, you’ll be pleased with the results.

However, as much as you may have desired these changes, you’ll need time to adjust with your new image so as will your family and friends. So, you need to be patient with yourself, and with them. Remember why you had this surgical procedure, and chances are that, just like all other satisfied women, you will also be pleased with the results.

With smaller, fit and better proportioned breasts, you’ll look and feel more comfortable and desirable and you will be able to wear whatever clothes you want yourself to fit in.

How Long Is The Wait For Surgery?

If you have a preferred surgery date, do not wait until it’s too late! Dr. Ashok Govila is one of the busiest and most sought after plastic surgeons across UAE, he runs a very active cosmetic practice. Patients typically book well in advance for consultations and surgery dates.

Out of Province Patients

Dr. Ashok Govila is a Top Rated Board Certified Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon. His active cosmetic surgery practice is growing with patients who travel from all around the world for breast reduction in Dubai. Most patients like to book well in advance, don’t miss out on your preferred surgery date, call or send a WhatsApp message at +971-55-570-0866 to reserve your consultation today.

If you are an out of province patient, let us know so we can accommodate an appropriate time for your consultation and surgery date.