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“After feeling very unwell for several years post having the breast implants , including hodgkin lymphoma cancer which I am sure implants had something to do with i decided to do some research. i experienced so much un explained body pain and chronic fatigue and i became suspicious to implants and after after a lot of study and research and speaking with actual cases i realized the percentage of people who develop some source of illness after having implants was way higher than it has been been published and publicized. a group of women with the implants issue formed a face book page which took my attention and that was when spoke to some and seeing the similarity i decided to remove the implants ( please add your medical term to it) if i ever new vanity will cause me so much pain and despair i would have never done the implants to begin with it. i was so happy to find Dr.Ashok as removal needs to be done with the certain technique to avoid poisoning the body and he has dine a great job,

i felt so ,u h better few months after removal and that is a proof of how this external objects can be so harmful to our body.” – Sherry.P

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